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Who are we really?

Debra,  61, Began performing with dance, then physical theatre then circus. Likes to do handstands and flying trapeze. Has a good bum and too many wrinkles (but Sharon loves them). She thrives on experimenting with devising, performing and making  new shows. If she’s had a crack at you then she probably likes you. Identifies as feminist, and  asexual (but open to a wealthy companionship). Sometimes overwhelmed by her emotions and her bank balance. 

Spenser, 33 Grew up in Albury, began circus at 8, loves training, performing and touring. She was always meant to be 30, at 18 she was an assistant director for a Fruities show. Can hold numerous possibilities simultaneously, thinks spatially, and has a very good eye. Emotionally balanced, sometimes overly empathic, loves a good chat and often holds people up physically and emotionally. She likes to knit, is bi-sexual and polyamorous.

Sharon, 44, mother of two girls 11 & 14. Lives in a warehouse where AGC sometimes rehearse. Fiercely independent, loves to hike, ride her bike, tumble, balance and fly. Has a fabulously strong body, and lands like a cat from any fall. Doesn’t like to  talk much on or off stage, but is learning how to not suppress all her emotions. Has a tendency to climb on people and doesn't like lame tricks. Heterosexual & likes to Spoon.

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