Casting Off

Dynamic and gutsy with an abundance of absurdity, Casting Off is circus-as-conversation that boldly challenges convention and topples expectation with raucous and poetic beauty. 

Casting off stereotypes, three generations of spirited women talk, tumble, fly, and balance precariously. The personal is political, the furious is funny, and the acrobatics are downright dangerous.  Self-directed, hand-knitted, and honouring the life events that get in the way of work, Casting Off is an exuberant accumulation of moments that shine a light on women in playful, fruitful and radical relationship. Monologues, melodies, arguments and chit-chat infiltrate acrobatics with philosophical charm. Always intimate and a little bit improvised, the work is immediate, communal and authentic.

Winner:  Jacksons Lane & Total Theatre - Best Circus Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Winner: Melbourne Fringe Festival - Best Circus 2018 

Winner: Adelaide Fringe Festival - Best Circus and Physical Theatre 2019.


Scott Hone

Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore


***premiering October 2021***

 Impersonal and notorious.  

Here is what we’re playing with. 

Non-profit experiments with intensity.  

A vital force of empty chaos and absolute movement. 

There is nothing to get and all to consider.  

Sadness: a logical response to the trans-species commodification of life that is advanced capitalism. 

There will be a seat and there will be an edge. 

Posthuman angels go too far. 

Atomic-acrobatic meets rhizomic. 

Fungi, cloud, nest, dog: a snail trail of dis/grace.   

Look to the future in intergenerational solidarity. 

Pressure systems accumulate. 

Turbines, tea and deep fry.  

Between the algorithmic devil and the acidified sea. 

Everything will be on the table.


Alexandra Harrison

The Declamatory Space (working title): In Development

TDS is a circus performance responding to the ideology of freedom of speech and contested histories; who gets to be seen and heard and who decides? From the tradition of the soapbox to the construction of an outdoor circus rig, we will illuminate new understandings and futures.