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Scott Hone

Casting Off

Dynamic and gutsy with an abundance of absurdity, Casting Off is circus-as-conversation that boldly challenges convention and topples expectation with raucous and poetic beauty. 

Casting off stereotypes, three generations of spirited women talk, tumble, fly, and balance precariously. The personal is political, the furious is funny, and the acrobatics are downright dangerous.  Self-directed, hand-knitted, and honouring the life events that get in the way of work, Casting Off is an exuberant accumulation of moments that shine a light on women in playful, fruitful and radical relationship. Monologues, melodies, arguments and chit-chat infiltrate acrobatics with philosophical charm. Always intimate and a little bit improvised, the work is immediate, communal and authentic.

Winner:  Jacksons Lane & Total Theatre - Best Circus Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Winner: Melbourne Fringe Festival - Best Circus 2018 

Winner: Adelaide Fringe Festival - Best Circus and Physical Theatre 2019.

Dramaturg: Alexander Harrison

Cast: Debra Batton, Sharon Gruenert & Spenser Inwood

Lighting Design: Eddie James

Costumes: Spenser Inwood

Rigging Design: Beau Dudding

Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore


Zoë: noun. A vital force of acrobatic chaos and absolute movement. Everything will be on the table as pressure systems accumulate. Acrobat, fungi, cloud, nest, dog in symbiotic relationships. Zoë will make you hold your breath until you think you'll burst. It is an intimate, theatrical experience, a circus response to the climate crises and our unwillingness to respectfully co-exist with all species. It’s a logical response to the commodification of life that is advanced capitalism.


Zoë looks to the future with human and non-human solidarity. It’s time we had a meeting, World you are invited.

Director: Alexandra Harrison

Sound Composer/Design: Naima Fine Fine

Lighting Design/ AV: Gina Gascoigne

Costumes: Clara Mee Yee Chan

Sound engineer:  Rosie Excess 


Mac Gordon – tenor sax 

Naima Fine – cello, flute & whistles

Nat Grant - vibraphone 

Rosie Excess - drums 

& Synchromy: 

Adam Marks – sand walker 

Diana Wade – viola & whirly tube 

Jordan Curcurato – percussion 

Rachel Beetz - flute 

Sara Andon – bass flute 

Zoe’s voice:  Flip Kammerer

Other soundmakers: 

A Good Catch cast 

He Ji Xing (Lijiang Studio) 

He Ye Ye (Lijiang Studio) 

Field & studio recordists: 

Chris Bennett , Naima Fine , Nat Grant, Kristian Pontoppidan Larsen 

Rosie Excess 


Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore

Sample sources: 

Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb 

Thomas Christie (TomuTomu) 

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