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Rob Blackburn

Founded in 2017, A Good Catch cultivates creativity through an embodied feminist practice based on three principles: to disagree, to seek understanding and to be willing to change with new knowledge. The work is designed to provoke conversation amongst the collaborators, the artists they engage with and audiences.


The company purposefully questions what is lacking in the circus art-form and experiments with methodologies that encourage creative risk taking determined to nurture surprising possibilities. The work they make is underpinned by the principal that authenticity is a more useful ambition than originality. 


“We disagree, we divulge, we digress, we listen and we change. Our process allows the physical connections that circus bodies share to flourish and to deepen our understanding of difference. We aim to experiment without fear of failure, without adhering to genre expectations, and with curiosity about what circus can be.”


‘Anyone in this conversation learns from others to look harder, see further, ask new questions, and use new terms that admit new possibilities.’ Rebecca Solnit


The founders and collaborators of A Good Catch are highly experienced and well respected within the performing arts sector. They began acrobatics as children and have enjoyed distinctive careers in Circus and Physical Theatre individually performing with prestigious companies including Cirque du Soleil, Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Legs on the Wall and Circus Oz to name a few. Life’s adversities with a pinch of serendipity brought them together. 

Ian Sutherland

Tour management, Auspicing, International Relationships, advice & representation:

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